pluggable switch + logitech wireless M350 - keyboard works mouse doesn't

I just ordered a pluggable USB-2.0 sharing (for sharing a single USB device between two PCs) switch from Amazon. Great price (~$13).

Keyboard is Logitech K350, Mouse is Logitech M350.

Both the keyboard and the mouse are wireless and are communicating with the computer via a unifying receiver (USB on the computer side, receiver on desk, (I believe bluetooth between receiver and devices).

I connected the receiver to the pluggable switch (instead of directly to the computer) and the two USB cables which came with the pluggable device into two separate computers.

Result: when switching between the computers by pressing the pluggable little button (aside: I hate this tiny button, should have been larger round, and easier to press) the light turns from green to blue, the second computer gets the keyboard keypresses (as it should) but the mouse doesn’t. IOW: the switch switches the keyboard but fails to switch the mouse.

I tried different ports, both USB2 and USB3, reset the receiver and the keyboard and mouse (disconnect, reconnect, turn on and off). Always the same result: keyboard always works, mouse only works with the original device.

Any idea on how to solve this appreciated. Thanks!

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting Plugable and sorry to hear that your Logitech unifying receiver is not yet working with our USB 2.0 switch.

I just tested this setup in our labs and it worked OK. I used a Logitech K400 wireless keyboard and MX Master mouse with our USB 2.0 Switch and it worked fine during switchovers on either USB port.

Can you try another USB device in the switch to see if the problem is only isolated to the Logitech receiver? This will help us know if your USB switch is defective.

Also, try swapping the computers and USB cables from port A to port B to see if the problem follows a certain cable or computer.

Please email your results to and we’ll help get this working for you.

Thank you!
Plugable Technologies

Thanks so much Jordan.

Your hints helped.

I figured it out and I have to say sorry! This wasn’t a plugable issue but a Logitech issue.

Here’s the summary:

The mouse was bypassing the plugable switch because there was an additional unifying receiver on one of the computers. The mouse was talking to this receiver directly.

To share a single unifying receiver among up-to-6 devices keyboard, mouse, tablet etc. you need to PAIR new/additional devices to the existing receiver by telling the receiver to listen for new pairing requests. New pairing requests are made by simply turning a new device on in the vicinity of the receiver BUT the receiver won’t be listening for pairing requests unless a magic sequence of bytes is first sent to it first.

There’s Logitech software to do this but it only works on Windows/Mac OS-X.

I found equivalent free software (e.g. for Linux) is on github.…

Once I used it my mouse paired with the keyboard receiver and I could unplug the mouse-dedicated receiver. Now that the two are unified via the same source, The plugable device started switching them together as intended.

Ha! I’ve been there - my wife and I both have computers in the same room and sometimes our Logitech devices will sync to the wrong unifying receiver after replacing batteries.

Glad it was an easy solution - feel free to contact us again with any questions!

Thank you,
Plugable Technologies