Pluggable display usb adaptor performance impact ?

Hello everyone,
i’m a new owner of Dell 7567, and planned to put 2 external monitor into it, but unfortunately the manufacturer only put 1 hdmi port into it (can anyone give me reason why they didnt put display port instead ? )
but anyway, so i google about it, and just found out that theres exist usb to hdmi adapter, bought it, and try it, with a bit of hassle i can get it to work, while its indeed work, it got slight delay input, and also have quite huge performance impact, let me elaborate a bit

i have 2 monitors, monitor A plugged to hdmi, monitor B plugged to usb - hdmi adaptor, if theres nothing moving (video etc) played on monitor B, it works perfectly, i can play game on monitor A with solid 60 fps, but when theres something moving on monitor B (youtube) , my game on monitor A dip into 40 fps

then i stumble upon pluggable device, it seems interesting and "different"m so my question is, how much of the overhead the pluggable display adaptor cause? , is it better or just the same as the usb-hdmi adaptor i already used?

Hi Ghen,

Thanks for posting. USB graphics adapters are “virtual” graphics devices which use CPU, GPU, and RAM resources of the host system to compress graphics data and send it over USB. So there will be some impact on system resources, especially if lots of pixels are changing (like when playing a video).

This will impact all types of USB graphics adapters (excluding native video over USB-C/Thunderbolt 3), so I don’t expect one of our adapters will change the behavior you are experiencing.


i see, that a shame, thats the limitation of the usb i guess, i still questioned the laptop manufacturer decision to put HDMI rather than Display Port…

oh well, thanks for the answer !

To admin, i just discovered you guys using DisplayLink tech (at first i tho its different tech), but anyway, i just take the leap, while its not your exact device that i bought (since its not available in my country) thus i’ll make do

its a docking station that also use the same DisplayLink tech, hope this can answer a little bit to anyone stumble upon this forum to looking for the same question

my answer :…