Pluggable Bluetooth USB Adapter won't discover my Jabra Halo Smart headset

The headset connects to other devices with no problem. but the Pluggable USB adapter won’t discover it. Any ideas?

Hello Robert,

Thank you for your question. I am sorry that there are problems connecting to the Jabra Halo Smart with the Plugable Bluetooth adapter. I would like to help.

The first thing I would try is turning off Bluetooth on any devices that you have used the headset with previously (such as your phone), as often times the headset may simply reconnect with a previously connected device rather than becoming available for pairing.

I would also recommend doing a factory reset on the headset itself. (See FAQ section at Jabra’s website.)

How do I reset my Jabra Halo Smart?

When you reset your Jabra Halo Smart, the list of devices that have been paired with it is cleared. Follow these steps to reset:

  1. Turn on your Jabra Halo Smart
  2. Simultaneously press and hold (5 seconds) the Volume up button and the Multi-function button.

Reset Diagram

  1. Turn off your Jabra Halo Smart.
  2. Turn on your Jabra Halo Smart, and it will be ready to pair again.

If this does not help, could you run our diagnostic program? It will gather device information and installation logs that will help me understand what is happening.

To do this, please have the adapter plugged into your computer, then go to this page and follow the instructions there:

Once you get the file, please send it to and use the subject line “For Ticket #160189”.