Plugable USBC 6950U will not connect

I just purchased the Plugable USBC 6950U so I can connect two external monitors to my MacBook Air M2. I followed the instructions for connecting however I cannot get either monitor to work.

Hi there,

In our experience helping customers, most of the time, these kinds of display issues are related to the installation of the DisplayLink Manager App. The two most common issues we see are the DisplayLink Manager App being installed incorrectly or not currently actively running.

We advise stepping through the installation process one more time to see if this helps. Below, I provide our helpful installation guide that can step you through this process:

For installation and verifying the DisplayLink Manager Application for macOS 13 and 14, please follow this link:

Please take note that the installation process does require certain permissions to be set in order for the app to install properly and for video to be displayed to the external monitors, so we do strongly advise you to follow each step carefully.

If these steps do not help, we ask that you please contact us directly through our support channel at so that we may investigate this issue further. Please reference ticket #428780 so we can match things up and provide the next best steps.


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