Plugable usb for phone, tablet and laptops


My plugable usb microsd caed reader won’t work anymore, also does not work 9n my laptop, i need help as i love this gadget but has let me down.



Hello Pretesh,

I am sorry to hear this. Does the blue LED light up when connecting it to your computer or tablet/phone? Is there some way you can also test the micro SD card itself on your laptop? I would like to be sure before sending you a pretested replacement unit to rule out hardware failure.

Kind regards,
Plugable Technologies


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for getting back to me and sorry for the late reply, there is no blue light when connected to the phone or laptop. I have also tried the micro SD card in the laptop and it works, does this point possibly towards hardware failure?

Also how would the replacement process work?

Kind regards


Hi Pretesh,

Please contact me directly at with your amazon order ID and we can arrange a replacement.

Kind regards,
Plugable Technologies