Plugable USB Easy Transfer Cable - Syncing the ProgramData folder

Is there a way to sync the C:\ProgramData folder using the Plugable USB Easy Transfer Cable? I am using the Easy Computer Sync software, but when I select the ‘Show Protected Folders’ option from the Select Folders dialog, the ProgramData folder does not appear.

I have made sure that Windows displays hidden folders, so in Windows Explorer I am able to view the ProgramData folder. I am trying to sync a specific folder within ProgramData between my PC and a tablet, so using the Drag and Drop feature would not be my first option, since I will be syncing fairly frequently, and Drag and Drop can be error-prone.

Hi Matt,

Thank you for posting your question about the Easy Transfer Cable

I’m not in a situation where I can test that right now, but you should be able to select that folders from the Select Folders dialog. I’ll be able to test that in a few hours.

Plugable Support

HI Matt,

I do have to ask a question: Why do you want to sync the ProgramData folder? Almost nothing in there will be usable to both devices, and you run a very real risk of totally corrupting both folders.

Basically, it is not possible to migrate programs from one computer to another, or even their settings, because so much of each Windows program is stored in various difficult to discover locations, such as the registry, hidden folders in the user directory, the Windows system folder and many other places.


Hi David,

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I do not plan to sync the entire ProgramData folder, rather just a sub-folder installed by a software program. It uses this folder to store customizable lists that I would very much like to keep in sync between my tablet and PC. I was able to do this with another sync cable, that has now been discontinued, and hope to be able to do this with the Easy Transfer Cable.