Plugable USB Adapter not working after (apparently) installing drivers.

a few days ago I accidently broke my Earbud, and it got stuck in my 1 month old 1000$ laptop. So I went and ordered the Pluggable USB Audio Adapter. When I got it, I put it in, no sound. I waited and eventually it tried to install drivers, but even after that I STILL cant hear a single thing out of it. I have the dual plug version of the Adapter and I know that I have it set up correctly. I was just wondering if its a D.O.A or if it didn’t install drivers correctly. Either way, please give me some help. My laptop is a Dell.

P.S it was an install made by the Adapter, I didn’t do anything.


I searched Sound and changed the default audio to the USB adapter.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Greg - Thank you for letting us know. We also have a blog article talking about how to set the default sound device in Windows ->….

The principle is the same for Linux/Unix and Mac OS X by going to “System Preferences” and setting your default sound device.