Plugable USB 3 7 Port Hub powers down when laptop sleeps. I have to unplug the power on the hub to get it to come back.

When my laptop (Macbook Pro) sleeps, or I hibernate it, at some point later the hub seems to go to sleep as well. I do not remember this happening before but after my last trip when I came home this behavior started. What it used to do, and why I liked it, was the strip would stay hot all the time so that when I came down in the morning all I had to do to wake up my laptop was tap the space bar on the external keyboard and everything was ready to go. Now that does not work, the drives show up as “improperly disconnected” and the mouse is unresponsive until I pull the power from the hub, give it a few seconds them plug it back in.

Is there some setting I may have tweaked (accidentally or on purpose) in the Mac power management settings that could have caused this change or has the hub become defective, or worst case … I’m I imagining that it used to work that way?

– Ray

Hi Ray,

Thanks for posting with your issue, and sorry to hear about the issues encountered while setting up our device- we’ll be happy to help!

There aren’t any user-configurable sleep settings in OS X we’ve found to be relevant here, although there are some other fixes that we’ve seen help in similar cases.

So we can more quickly recommend the right troubleshooting steps, could you please run our support tool, PlugDebug, and submit the .zip file it creates on your desktop? This will help us know some details about your OS X version and the firmware on the hub, as well as check for common errors.

Please be sure to have the device attached directly to a USB port on your computer while running the tool as this helps us to collect relevant errors about the device when the tool is run. Being able to review complete system details in a standard format helps us to more quickly recommend the right steps.

Instructions to download and use PlugDebug are at the link below:

When emailing your support logs, please send them to and mention ticket 52714.

Once we’ve had a chance to review the support logs from PlugDebug to see exactly the state of the device and several details about the system’s hardware and software state we’ll be able to recommend the right steps.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know of other questions.

Thanks again for contacting Plugable support and and best wishes!

Jeff Everett
Technical Support Engineer
Plugable Technologies


Hi again ray-

I just wanted to check back and see if you were able to get the hub up and running. If you are still having trouble, the details from our support tool should help in getting the issues ironed out.

Best wishes-


Hi Jeff, Sorry for the late response I have been out of state traveling. I will not have time today to get you the information above but should have it for you sometime tomorrow, or maybe even later today (depends on meeting schedules).

I have noticed one additional detail, when I power the laptop down then power it back on the hub comes back to life just as it should.

Thanks for the response. I WILL get back to you. :slight_smile:

– Ray