Plugable USB 3.0 UGA USB to HDMI doesnt work


Today, Feb 19th, I have received my Plugable usb 3.0 to HDMI.

I have connected it to the PC (windows 7 professional), but it doesnt recognize it.
I have downloaded lastes drivers from plugable webpage and install them, but it doesnt work.

Hardware is not detected and user licence agreement window never shows up.

Could you please assist?


I have checked the device in another, and different laptop, and same situation.
Hardware is not recognized and after installation of drivers (I have tried three versions: 7.5/7.6M1/7.7M2) doesnt work.


Problem is solved. Thanks a lot Stephen.

My windows installation was missing two files: usb.inf and usb.pnf.
After adding them and installing latest drivers version, I have up to 3 monitors running.

This is awesome.

Thanks a lot for your quick response and issue resolution.


PS: How could I close this topic?