Plugable USB 3.0 (UD-3900)/Win 8.1 - Lid closed setting "do nothing" is not working on start, no signal to external monitors

I have settings in Windows 8.1 for lid closed “do nothing,” but after powering up and closing lid, external monitor signals drop. I can usually go in and toggle settings and get it working again, but it happens every time I boot up.

Hi Shawn,

Thanks for getting in contact with us, I’d be more than happy to answer your question regarding our UD-3900 and using it in a ‘lid closed’ setting.

First, when you boot the computer, at what point are you closing the lid? (i.e. Before or after you’ve logged into Windows?)

Second, when you go into the settings, is the box for ‘do nothing’ on lid closed getting unchecked?

As a note, we generally don’t recommend using the laptop in ‘lid closed’ setting with our docking stations, as there is some system dependent behavior that can complicate matters.


Plugable Technologies

Settings remain checked, but are not being implemented correctly by the system. As a workaround, I’ve discovered that if I boot the laptop prior to plugging in UD-3900, then plug in the UD-3900 and close the lid, the externals take over properly. It moves the desktop icons around in the process, but that is a minor nuisance.