Plugable usb 3.0 to DVI adapter will not work after re-bootr

I have a toshiba laptop L870, i7 3610qm, 8gb ram. I am running one display off of the HDMI port and another off of the 3.0 usb port using the Plugable HDMII Adapter. Running off of the HDMI port is a Samsung LS23A300BS/ZA, running off of the Plugable adapter is an Acer 23" HDMI to DVI Adapter. OK in this config everything works fine. I just purchased another Samsung LS24B300EL/ZA to replace the Acer display. I removed and re-loaded the Display Link drivers for the new LS24 display, it worked until I rebooted the computer, then nothing and no display shows up in the control panel. The input for the new Samsung LS24 is HDMI, no DVI input. So I just use the HDMI off of the Plugable adapter to plug right into the display

Any suggestions.

Tom Dadian

Hi Tom,

Thanks for contacting Plugable Support, we’ll be happy to help. First let’s reboot the machine. Then with the adapter and monitor connected, I’d like to have you check is that the Display is in Extend or Mirror mode. You can do this quickly by pressing and holding the Windows key and pressing the P key to select “extend”.

If that doesn’t do it, verify that the monitor is working by plugging in directly to the laptop’s HDMI.

If the monitor works but doesn’t come on when you reset the configuration to extend or mirror mode, run the DisplayLink Support Tool and forward the output over to us at

Here’s how:…