Plugable USB 3.0 Docking Station HDMI and DVI/VGA connections not working

My company Lenova Think Pad Laptop has been setup with Dual Monitors using the Plugable USB 3.0 docking station for 2 years now. One monitor is connected via HDMI directly to the laptop and the other one is connected via a VGA cable into the DVI/VGA connector, then connected to the DVI port on the back of the docking station. The drivers are up to date… Again this configuration worked fine for 2 years until a month ago. Now I am getting “No Signal” from the ViewSonic 2246-Led Monitor that’s connected to the Docking station.

I tested the ViewSonic Monitor and VGA cable by connecting it to a older personal Laptop (running XP) using the same VGA Cable and connecting it directly to the VGA port on the old Laptop. I did not use the DVI/VGA connector. The monitor works fine. When I connected the other monitor that’s using HDMI to the docking station it does not work, but works when connected directly to the Laptop…

I purchased a new Plugable USB 3.0 docking station from Amazon. Connected everything just as I had it on the other docking station and same thing…the monitors do not work.
This is two identical configurations where one worked for 2 years and now it no longer works.
Also there is no green light on the docking station. I am at a total loss here.

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