Plugable USB 2.0 802.11n Wireless Adapter

Hi there

I recently acquired this adaptor to run my MAG322 stb (Linux operating system)
I followed the install guide to install on Windows on my laptop and connected to the wireless internet successfully
However when i plug into my stb I am getting the error code"Wifi Adaptor not Connected"
Can you pls advise if I need to set up something else to run on Linux or is there maybe a fault?


Hello Richard,

Thank you for your message.

We do not currently consider Linux to be supported with the USB-WIFINT. The drivers for the adapter are usually integrated into the Linux kernel, however the driver implementation on Linux is not good.

There are some open-source drivers for the RTL8188EUS chipset in the adapter that you could try (search GitHub), but they aren’t something we support, nor can we speak to their functionality.

I’m sorry if this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, but I hope that this helps.

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