Plugable UGA-4KDp

After installing drivers and connecting device I am runing problem to start Solidworks. Every time when I attempt to start Solidworks it shows me “crush” message. After uninstalling all Plugable drivers and software the problem disappear. I am very disapointed… The main reason why I bought it for £60 is because I wanted to use 3rd monitor to work with Solidworks and make drawings.

Hi Denis,

Thanks for posting. We’ll be glad to help investigate. (And if things can’t be made to work as intended, a return for a refund is no problem.)

Based on the behavior you are reporting, I suspect the issue might be related to a bug in Intel’s graphics driver, as discussed in the thread below. But there could of course be other causes:…

It will be helpful to have a look at some driver version information on your system. Could you please collect a set of system logs using our tool at the page below? It will save a .ZIP file to your Desktop which can be emailed to – we’ll have a look and advise on what the best next steps will be.