Plugable UGA-2K-A USB 2.0 to VGA/DVI/HDMI Lights not working & not connecting to computer

i am having probelms with the Plugable UGA-2K-A USB 2.0 to VGA/DVI/HDMI , i have 3 adapters on an expandable usb port. sometimes its works sometimes its doesn’t work. the lights are not working sometimes. i do know that the usb port is working, so that is not the problem.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for posting! Two quick questions:

  1. When the adapters go out, do all 3 of them go out at roughly the same time?

  2. Is the hub you have the 3 adapters connected through a self-powered hub (that has its own AC adapter)? That’s essential for connecting 3 adapters: Each UGA-2K-A requires close to the full USB 2.0 spec of half an amp (500mA), so it won’t work to have 3 of them sharing the power of a single port (which is what happens with an unpowered/bus-powered hub). So you’ll want a hub with it’s own power supply, at least 1.5 amps.

And any other interesting details (were these ever working in this configuration? If so, what changed, etc.)?

We’ll be able to figure out what’s happening here, and get you up and running.


Hi Bernie,

I editied the question i asked, it has more infromation in there… also the USB HUB does have power and is connected.

I have had this set up working several times… i dont know what has happened today… the UBS HUB i have is a 7port Berklin brand new from BestBuy i dont know if it is 1.5 AMP or not.

I do not know the order in which the lights go out. today they didn’t go on at all… only until i pluged in only one at a time… then it worked, but with just one monitor

Hi Bill,

The symptoms do sound like USB power. Can you double-check that the power adapter for the hub is plugged in (and while you’re down there, the power adapter should say how many amps the 5V output is). There’s also a small chance it’s a bad hub.

Do you have enough free USB ports on the PC to test 2 adapters connected directly, and only one through the hub? Does that work?

Thanks for helping isolate this down …

Bernie… I need help configuring my moniors. I have everything up and running now buti have 4 screens including my laptop and i want them to all be in order. Currently it goes like this. My laptop it 1 next is 3 next is 2 and then 4. I want my laptop screen off and then in order i want 1 2 3 .


Hi Bill,

No problem. That all is configured through Windows 7’s “Screen Resolution” control panel. On the control panel, you drag the icons representing each monitor around, to match the real physical position of the monitors on your desktop.


Clicking the “identify” button can help – it will have Windows display what number they’ve assigned to each display.

Glad to have you up and running. Thanks!