Plugable UGA-2K-A quit working

I have a display Plugable UGA_2K-A adapter being used with a new model MacBook Pro running Lion. For the last 9 months or so it has been working great, but now all of a sudden when I connect it the monitor is not recognized and will not work as a second display. The green light remains lit as it is getting power, and the display acts as if it is getting a signal, however it is just a black screen. I have tested the monitor, and it is working fine with the apple provided adapter, so it is definitely the plugable adapter.

Why would the adapter all of a sudden quit working?

Hi Jason,

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I’m sorry that your UGA-2K-A graphics adapter suddenly is not working properly. I have some troubleshooting questions that will help me confirm if it’s a hardware failure or whether you’ve run into one of the issues that can occur with DisplayLink-based devices like the UGA-2K-A on Mac OS X Lion.

  1. Which minor version of OS X Lion are you using? The 10.7.3 release broke the display rotation feature in the DisplayLink Mac v1.7 (or older) drivers. If you skipped 10.7.3 but just upgraded to the newly released 10.7.4 and are using rotation, you might have hit this bug. It doesn’t just make rotation not work but effectively disables any monitors that were using rotation and that were connected through to the Mac through DisplayLink-based devices.

If this is the issue you have hit, the following blog post gives you information on how to get out of it:….

  1. Have you upgraded to DisplayLink’s 1.8 version of its Mac drivers. These drivers overcome the problems listed above for using your adapter with OS X 10.7.3. If you aren’t using them, I would recommend doing so. You can find them at….

  2. If Nos. 1-2 didn’t solve the issue, can you tell me if your UGA-2K-A is connected directly to the Mac or through an intermediary device like a USB hub? If yes, is it a self-powered hub? Have you made sure the hub is drawing power properly from its AC adapter? If the UGA-2K-A isn’t getting adequate power through its USB connection, it won’t work properly.

Once more, I’m sorry that your adapter has failed. Let us know if the information above solved the problem. If not, we’ll work to get you a replacement unit. Just reply to this message to keep me posted on your situation.

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