Plugable UGA-125 USB 2.0 Stopped Working. Green Light now never turns on.

Hi, I have seen your very good support, and hope you could help me this time.

I purchased this item on September 6, 2011 through Amazon. Get it sent to my hotel and the bring it back home in Colombia (SouthAmerica). It worked fine till a couple of weeks ago, when the light stopped working and I started to get the error: Another Display not detected, when trying to extend my desktop in Windows 7. I have tried the adapter in other 4 different computers and it doesn’t work in any of them.

Can you please help me with this issue?
I have recommended this device to a lot of friends, and it will be very embarrassing having this problem.

Best Regards,

Walter Novoa.
Developer Evangelist
Microsoft Colombia


Hi Walter,

Thanks for posting here! I am sorry to know that the Plugable UGA-125 is no longer working. I apologize for the frustration caused by the failed unit.

We would like to send you a replacement to get you up and running at the earliest. Unfortunately we are unable to ship replacements to addresses outside the United States.

If you could shoot us an email at with your Amazon Order ID, the serial no (given on the back) of the device and the best US address (if you have a buddy at Microsoft here in the Seattle area or anywhere in US who could probably forward it to you through internal mail), we can ship out the replacement immediately.



That would be great! Actually, I’ll be in Seattle at the end of this month, during a week. Do you think we could manage to send the replacement to my hotel during my stay in Seattle?
In that case, I’ll be glad sending you the requested data…


We would definitely be able to send the replacement to the hotel in Seattle when you are here.

Just shoot us an email at with the requested information and the dates during which it should reach you at your hotel and we will make the required arrangements.

Looking forward to your email!


Thanks a lot Roze.

I will write to support as soon as I have all the details.

Hi Roze,

Now I have all the information required for my replacement to be made:

Order Placed: September 6, 2011 order number: 002-3405451-0503426
Device Serial: 5586001500317
Model: UGA-125

As I told you before, I’ll be in Seattle next week. My Hotel address will be:

Hotel Name:
Hotel Address:
1113 6th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101-3002
Hotel Phone
Hotel Fax:

Please send the replacement there to be available during this period:

29 January 2012 thru 2 February 2012

Recipient will be me: Mr. Walter Novoa

Thanks a lot!


Thanks for the information! I’ll make arrangements so that you receive the replacement during your stay at Seattle.


Thanks a lot Roze. I look forward for having my replacement of your great product.