Plugable UGA-125 in Church EasyWorship - DirectX issues

I am using a UGA-125 on a dell optiplex 755 running Windows XP. This machine is our church presentation computer. We are having problems with EasyWorship and running video backgrounds for our songs. When running just a flat video file through EasyWorship it plays without issue, but when trying to do video over text the video play features aren’t there. I run a DirectX troubleshoot and it says it cannot enable for the second monitor (plugable).

Sorry for the frustration! On XP, DisplayLink’s drivers can’t make use of the main GPU to do 3D/DirectX rendering, so they have to do it themselves (in software).

So for XP, DisplayLink’s new drivers are in a race of sorts, against new DirectX releases in terms of adding support.

Can you say what version of DisplayLink driver you have? (In Windows Add/Remove Programs, you can look at “DisplayLink Core Software” and the version should be in the last column).

From that, we’ll make sure you’re on the best available version.

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, there is good discussion on EasyWorship’s pages of some of the pros and cons of USB graphics adapters, given EasyWorship’s heavy use of DirectX. Here’s the discussion:…

We’d love to help as much as we can to maximize what’s possible on your system.

Thanks for your patience and Merry Christmas!