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I use the Plugable UD-CA1A with my laptop (and it work perfectly) and I try to use it with my desktop to. I was see it’s possible with the USB 3 dock station and a Plugable switch. So, I have try it with a “classic” USB-C - USB 3, I have connect my desktop to the Plugable UD-CA1A but it doesn’t seem work.

I would like know if it’s possible to connect a desktop (without USB-C) with the Plugable UD-CA1A?

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Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, there is not a way to have our dock work with a desktop that does not have a USB-C port that supports video output. USB-C to USB 3 adapters generally do not support these required functions that our dock requires.

I am sorry that we can’t be of more help.

David W
Plugable Support


Thanks to your answer :slight_smile:
It could work if I add a USB-C PCI card that support video output (thunderbolt and display port alternative mode) to my desktop?
Like this card:


In theory this could work but we do not have test results using USB-C add-in cards and cannot declare with certainty that one would work with our dock.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies

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