Plugable UD-CA1 USB-C Docking Station Static (HDMI)

Just received UD-CA1. I can confirm that it will charge a HP Spectre 360 (late 2016)
However, I am getting A LOT of static through the hdmi cable to my monitor.
I replaced a j5 create usb-c to hdmi adapter that had no issues, so I know its not the cable or the monitor.
I need help resolving this or I will not be able to use the hub.


Sorry to hear about this issue. Can you take a picture of what you are seeing? I’m not familiar with this behavior with the UD-CA1 and the Spectre.

You can send the image to Just mention it’s for me.

Thank you,

Sorry I wasn’t clear enough. The static is some kind of RF noise that goes to my sound monitors, not to the video monitor. The sounds reflect every touch of the computer and are very loud.
My setup is/was hdmi to video monitor then 1/8" out of video monitor to sound monitors.
With the sound monitors unplugged, the speakers in the video monitor displayed no noise or interference.
I have had my sound monitors for 2 years and have never experienced this kind of noise/interference.

In my trouble shooting, I removed the 1/8" speaker cord and put in an old usb I/O audio interface that has its own speaker outputs and the noise level was reduced considerably, though still there.

Hope this helps some.


Thanks for the clarification. RF noise is certainly a possibility. USB 3.0 devices like hubs, docks, etc all emit 2.4Ghz interference. Usually devices like speakers are not susceptible to such interference, but it can happen.

What model speaker monitors do you have? I’m assuming they are self powered with their own internal amplifier?

Have you tried connecting the 1/8" to the audio output on the dock itself vs through the monitor?

Are all of these devices connected to the same AC outlet via a shared power strip/surge protector? Sometimes these issues can be made worse if the devices all do not share the same ground source and ground loops can cause strange interference.


The speakers are Yamaha HS-5’s. Not cheap monitors. I have connected the 1/8th through every possible combination. LG Monitor out, Plugable headphone out, computer headphone out, and usb audio adapter out. All have varying amounts of interference. USB interface to 1/4" cable is the best, but still bad.
All cords are run into the same surge protector.

First night to sit down and watch TV. Hulu is giving an “invalid state” error (not letting me watch anything) and Netflix is letterboxing everything that should be full screen, rendering movies at half the size I should be able to see them.
As a trouble shooting effort, I plugged in my js5 usb-c to hdmi and everything went back to normal.
No RF noise and shows playing correctly. Happy to keep trouble shooting, but I really need to get your hub sent back to Amazon before I lose my money on it.
I still want it to work properly for its ability to charge the HP Spectre 360 Kaby Lake.


Sorry to hear you are still running into more issues. Honestly I’m not sure why you would be having that issue with Hulu. The only thing I can think of is that somehow the HDCP (copyright protection) is not working right and Hulu is limiting the quality. I’m assuming you’re using the same HDMI cable with the USB-C to HDMI adapter that you are with our dock?

For the audio issues, I really don’t have a solution then if the issue happens even connecting directly to the computer. It sounds like you might just have some terrible RF interference on location.

If you would like to return the dock that is certainly an option, but we can refund you at any point past Amazon’s 30-day limit if you prefer to keep trying things.


If you need further assistance please reach out to us at and mention support ticket 161639 - for now I am going to close this thread.