plugable ud-3900 HDMI is not working [SOLVED]

I tried is again with branded HDMI cable, and it solved the problem.

Hi, I purchased a Plugable ud-3900, and I have some issue with it.

I have two monitors(19" dell, 27"hp) and a laptop(Toshiba satellite).
The problem is, I get no connection on my HP monitor through HDMI cable.
I have to add that I have no problem getting a connection with my 19" dell monitor through DVI cable.

-Base on the Plugable troubleshooting page, I detected this symptom:
“Monitor briefly displays “No Signal” before turning blank, but Windows Display Control Panel detects the connection”.

  • I selected both “extend” and "duplicate"on Windows Display Control Pan, and i get no signal.

  • I disconnected my dell (DVI) from Plugable and only had my Hp(HDMI) connected. Still no connection.

  • I disabled auto source select on my HP(HDMI), and selected the source manually, still no luck.

  • The USB drivers were updated. I updated the Plugable driver using the the driver on, Nothing yet.

  • I connected my Plugable to USB 2.0, and still, I’m not getting any signal.

  • I checked DisplayLink, and it was running. (I didn’t see it the services tap, but it was available on processes tap also on the menu next to windows Clock)

  • I also disable my anti virus. Still, the HDMI connection doesn’t work.

-If I connect the HDMI cable to my laptop, I get a signal, and it works. So the HDMI cable is fine. (I changed the cable, the problem solved)

-I also have some problem, with my dell 19" monitor( when i connected to the plugable, it shrunk the screen, 1" from the top, 1" inch from the bottom. so the top and bottom parts are black.)

Please let me know how can I fix this issue.

Thanks for your time.

Hp Model# : HP 27es T3M86AA#ABA

Hi Milad,

Thanks for posting! Appreciate very much the great detail you provided and the quick follow-up letting us know that switching the HDMI cable has things now working properly with your HP monitor.

To your mention of the behavior of your Dell 19" monitor and the black bars, I am going to guess that you are duplicating your internal laptop display to the Dell monitor. If the resolution and aspect ratio of these two displays differ and you duplicate the image, you will see black bars representing the difference. A quick workaround is to use ‘Extend’ mode on the Dell display and then the image should fill the screen.

Please let us know if that information helps!

Plugable Technologies

Hi Bob,

I forgot to mention that, as soon as I replace the HDMI cable, it fixed that black bar on my Dell laptop. I have another issue which I’ve already posted it in new topic.

Thanks for your reply.