Plugable ud-3900 duplicate display to extended external displays

Duplicate display to extended desktop. I have three displays, one on board laptop and two external displays via a Plugable ud-3900. I want to treat the external displays as one extended desktop and duplicate the onboard display to them. Is this possible?

Hi Don, thanks for posting! Unfortunately, Windows limits the number of display that can be duplicated to just 2 (for example, your laptop on board display and one external display). However, the two external monitors you have can be duplicated to each other within the Windows Display Settings/Screen Resolution application, but this would leave your connected laptop monitor as its own unique display.

If this limitation does not meet your needs, we certainly do not want you stuck with a device that does not work for your use. Please reach out to use directly at and we would be happy to assist with processing a return for refund if you wish.

Thank you,

David W.
Plugable Technologies