Plugable U3900 not recognizing 2nd Monitor

Trying to connect to my Dell Laptop via the U3900 2 samsung monitors (Both are the same make and Model) the one connected via HDMI works fine the second monitor connected via DVI does not get recognized. If I connect them without the U3900 they both work fine. I have uninstalled the software , ran the cleaner and reinstalled but no success.


Thanks for contacting Plugable support, I’m happy to help with the issue you’re seeing.

Since you’re seeing issues where one monitors works with the docking station while another monitor doesn’t work, we’ll want to collect some logs from your computer to better understand what’s going on.

Please plug the device into your computer, then go to this page and follow the instructions there:

Please do not post the logs to the public forum and instead please e-mail them to and mention that it is for ticket #279963. Once we get the logs, we’ll be able to follow up with you on next steps.

Please do let us know if you have any questions in the meantime though, and thank you for contacting Plugable.

-Andrew T.
Plugable Technologies

logs send to support with ticket information

New replacement unit arrived and installed , the problem has been resolved but I had to use an hdmi to dvi connector to make it work. Using this method all the monitors are working as expected

Good morning, I am having similar problems with my two Dell monitors. If I plug one into the docking station, I am able to use it with my laptop as display 1 and 2…as soon as I plug in the second monitor neither works, although both are recognized (but not detected) in device manager. I have tried both monitors separately and they work independently, but not together. do I need to replace the docking station?
FYI, I’ve always used the hdmi to dvi connector for one while the other is in the hdmi port directly…

disregard this message. I was able to rebook the docking station itself (hadn’t done that before) and now everything is working…whew!
Thank you

I am having a similar problem. For quite sometime, I have been running two monitors off my docking station. One via HDMI and the other via DVI. There has been no problem. All of a sudden, I can no longer connect both monitors through the docking station. I can run one monitor at a time without any issue. (Checked both DVi and HDMI.) If I have both monitors connected to the docking station, both are black screens. My laptop see both monitors from the Display window in system settings but just can’t click on them. I have rebooted the docking station. I have restarted the PC with the docking station unplugged and restarted it with it plugged up - both after a reboot of the docking station.

any suggestions (Acer monitors on Alienware Windows 10 laptop)

I found a post about “disconnecting” the displays and then “extending” them in System Settings. That did the trick.

Hello, thanks for posting and great to hear that you were able to resolve this issue!

Hi tnrobin, thanks for posting! Glad to hear that changing the display settings to Extended mode helped!

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