Plugable transfer cable


Transferred documents but will not transfer photos. It says I need more space. My new computer has plenty of space available. What do I do now??


Hello Dina,

Thanks for contacting us! We’re sorry that you’re having trouble transferring your music files with our Windows Transfer Cable.

Are you using iTunes to manage your music library? If so, it’s possible that the file names of those music files may be close to or beyond Windows’ 255 character limit for file names, which is likely why Easy Computer Sync is having trouble transferring those files.

We may be able to transfer your music files by using the “Drag and Drop Files” transfer method, assuming you haven’t already tried to use that feature in this case.

Drag and Drop Files lets you manually choose individual files and folders to transfer to your PCs in either direction. If you’re unsure of how to use that file transfer feature, we’ve provided instructional links below.

Instructional Video Link:
Written Instructions:…

Thank You,

Plugable Technologies