Plugable Tbolt 3 Docking Station + MacbookPro 2017 not working with display port but 2nd thunderbolt port does


I have a macbook pro 2017 512 gb 16 RAM. I have 2 monitors and both of them will work on the 2nd thunderbolt port (15w) but I cannot get either of the monitors to work on the display port. I used both the adapter that came with the unit as well as a direct line display to hdmi cable that I already have. It does not seem to be getting any power from the Display port. I have updated to the newest MacOsx. The 2 monitors I have are: Dell 27 inch and a Vizio tv 1080p both at 60hz. Any ideas?


The DisplayPort output of the TBT3-UDV supports DP++ so any DisplayPort or HDMI display should work.

Can you be more specific about which displays you are using, the adapters, and the cables?