Plugable Switch

Hi there, I have recently purchased a switch hoping to be able to use it to toggle between my desktop PC and work laptops.

Currently, I am connected to the screens, mouse, keyboard and internet with a Targus docking station.

The switch works fine through the USB between two laptops. But it doesn’t seem to work when plugged into the desktop PC.

Would I need to have any particular software installed on the desktop for it to work properly?

Please let me know if there are any other work around.


Hello Maz,

Thanks for contacting Plugable support! I’m sorry to hear about this display issue through your Plugable Switch, but I’d be happy to help!

First, does this issue still occur on the same port if you 1) swap the USB cables, or 2) swap computers from one USB “Type-B” (port on the switch) to the other?

Since the issue seems to be the Desktop computer,** **try different USB ports on that computer (USB 2.0, USB 3.0) to determine if it affects all USB ports or only certain ones.

If these steps help, great! If not, I’d like to request some logs from your system to investigate further. Could you please keep the Plugable adapter connected to your Desktop, then navigate to our PlugDebug tool ( and follow the instructions there?

Please email the zip folder with “Ticket 363419” in the subject.

Thanks for giving us a chance to help!

Omar D.
Plugable Technologies

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