plugable serial to USB crashes OSX mountain lion on disconnect

I have been using this converter for quite some time under 10.7 without issue, but last week I updated to mountain lion, and every time i disconnect the device, mountain lion crashes. This happens every time I connect to use it, and disconnect it.

Hi Tee Jay,

Thanks for contacting Plugable Support, I’ll be happy to help. The crash you are seeing when you unplug the USB to Serial Cable while it is actively connected is a know problem with OS X 10.8. We’re hoping that an update to the Prolific driver for the PL2303 chip in the cable will fix the issue but for now the workaround is to shutdown the session before unplugging the cable.

This is as simple as closing the program that is attached to the cable before unplugging. Sorry I don’t have a better solution than that at the moment but shutting the session down before pulling the cable will allow you to use the USB to Serial Cable with out crashing your system.

We don’t yet have a timeline on if or when there will be a fix from Prolific, but if you check at, we’ll post a new driver whenever it does come available.

I hope this helps!


It’s been two years. Has there been an update?

Found driver version 2.01 for my AX88179 at the manufacturer’s website. I’ll try that next.