Plugable Pro8 - Improve Display Performance?

My Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet connected to a Plugable Pro8 hub is quite laggy on my DVI (1680x1080) monitor. What can I do to improve display performance?

Normally I’d lower the resolution, but I don’t see the option at all. Whats going on?

Hello Ricardo,

When you notice the lag what applications are you running?

Performance will be limited on the Dell Venue 8 Pro. Especially if you have the entry level model with only 1GB of RAM.


Hey Josh, I just figured out what my issue was. Apparently I have to set the tablet to “Extended Display” mode in order for Windows 10 to allow me to set custom screen resolutions. Running at 1280x800 instead of native 1680x1080 has given more breathing room for the USB graphics to run smoothly. :slight_smile:

This means the tablet has to stay on tho, which might cause burn-ins to occur. Any way around this? Thanks.

Hi Ricardo,

Ah that would do it. Extended mode is the only supported mode. Other modes like external monitor and mirror mode do not work properly. Unfortunately there is no way around this due to limitations of the Intel graphics drive that the Venue uses. The tablet screen must remain on.

Fortunately we’ve not had any of our tablets run into any burn in issues. This is mainly in part to advances in LCD technology and LED back-lighting. I suspect that eventually burn in could occur but it would take a very long time.