plugable pro8 docking station frequently disconnects

Bought this about 2 months ago. worked flawlessly for 2 weeks and then there after it frequently disconnects from the tablet. The table is permanently attached via your supplied cord and nothing has changed during this duration. To get it to reconnect I have to several times disconnect the connection cable and sometimes I have to reboot the unit as well. Please advise or help with fixing. When it works it is awesome and I have thought abought buying a second unit for my other dell venue pro tablet that my wife has but want to get this issue ironed out in case this is common…

Hello Joel,

We’ll contact you directly to see about issuing a replacement. I suspect there may be an issue in the dock and we’ll want to get the original back for inspection.

Keep an eye out for my direct email.


I have the replacement and have repackaged the original. How do I return the original.