Plugable PCI Express to SuperSpeed 3.0 card causes computer crash

After install Plugable PCI Express to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 2-Port Expansion Card (NEC/Renesas Chipset) and load the driver that come with the card I started having blue screen crash. Sometime the computer can stay up for several hours then it started crashing off and on. I used the card to connect Plugable USB 3.0/2.0 SATA Hard Drive Docking Station (LucidPort chipset) and the docking station was not in use when the crash occurred. It would crash every time I try to do a virus scan. I tried to look for newer driver and I found USB3_allOS_2.1.19.0_PV but it make it crashed more often. After the crash the computer would do the disc check but found no error. Then it occurs to me maybe the new card that I install that cause the problem. After I pulled out the card all my problems disappear. My computer can stay up for day. Run virus scan several time with no problem. So I concluded that it was the card that causing the problem. Please help!

Hi Tony,

Thanks for posting, sorry for the frustration, and thanks for the good digging so far to isolate down to the card.

We haven’t gotten a report quite like this before, so my first suspicion is something wrong with the particular unit (of USB 3.0 host controller card), or the software on the system.

To try to untangle which one it might be, let’s try to get whatever crash dump information is being generated. I’m assuming you’re on Windows 7 (let me know if that’s wrong).

Are they blue screen crashes? When the system reboots after, does a dialog pop up for submitting a problem report to Microsoft? If so, can you click “details” and copy the information here.

If not, or if we want more detail, we can get the .dmp files that Windows generates when it crashes.

First, we’ll make sure that your copy of Windows has small memory dumps turned on, going to the c:\windows\minidump directory. Here’s how you can check:

Start Menu->Computer->Right click, select Properties->Advanced System Settings->Advanced->Startup and Recovery section, click Settings …


Once that’s set, can you get the machine to crash once more, then .zip up the \windows\minidump directory, and email to us at

We’ll be able to them open up those .dmp files and see where the crash is happening.

Thanks for this extra info about the nature of the crash, and thanks for your patience while we figure this out!

The server at my company just had a similar issue, we added a rocketfish brand SSUSB 3.0 pci express card to the server to connect an external hard drive for back ups. when we rebooted everything appeared fine and the back up worked, but then things started going haywire on the network. the server holds data for the whole company, and every computer is logged onto that server. network resources started becoming unavailable to half the company, some computers could not log in to the server. it was a big mess, but then i figured ‘what the heck’ and unplugged the hard drive from the express card and things started working again after a reboot. any explanation as to what might cause this would be greatly appreciated.

Just to close this thread, the solution for Tony was a replacement card.

Reno - Although we can’t provide support for other brands of card, given the datapoint that removing the USB 3.0 hard disk and rebooting solved the issue, unfortunately there could be quite a few causes: from a USB 3.0 card driver-level issue (perhaps try update to Renesas drivers), to a higher-level issue not strictly related to USB 3.0, like the server scanning a new volume and perhaps running into low memory issues.

Hope you find a solution for your Rocketfish card (or perhaps for a critical server, avoid adding additional internal hardware if possible).

Best wishes,