Plugable multiseat usable with latest Fedora?


I am currently looking for the right hardware to use for new multiseat workstations. They will run the latest Fedora.

We are unsure if we need to use separate graphics cards for all seats in our new workstations (which is done in the current computers, with a variety of NVIDIA cards), or Plugable DC-125 devices instead. There will be 4 seats. Of course one of them can be connected directly to the computer, so we would need 3 of these devices.

I would like to know how well OpenGL is working over these devices, and if yes, what graphics card or driver (open or proprietary) I would need on the computer to be able to use the internal graphics to render OpenGL and output it on the DisplayLink.

I have read a few posts on your blog about using these devices on Fedora 17 or 18, but not yet about 19.