Plugable monitor settings being reset when computer is unlocked

I have a laptop, and I use the DVI out to one monitor, and the USB plugable to another monitor. I extend my desktop to all the monitors, and set Plugable to extend. Everytime I lock the computer and come back to unlock it, Plugable resets to mirror and then all my windows get pushed back onto my laptop screen and I have to move all the windows back. This is highly annoying, why cant plugable remember its setting ? How hard is it to do something this basic. Ugh

Hi Dan,

We’re sorry, that’s not normal for the DIsplayLink drivers. Let’s try to figure out what’s wrong.

Quick questions:

* What laptop make and model?
* What OS are you running?
* Are you using VGA to the Plugable adapter. If so, does Windows seem to know the model of the monitor (which would mean it’s getting EDID information from the monitor), or is it coming up as a generic monitor?

And have you already upgraded to the latest DisplayLink drivers (version 5.5 M1, available here:… )?

Thanks for your replies. Again, we’re sorry - we’ll try to get this annoyance squashed.



Thanks for the quick response.

I have a custom laptop from AvaDirect (Clevo), running Windows Vista 64 bit SP2

I’m using DVI to the Plugable adapter. Its coming up as “Plugable UGA-2K on Nvidia GeForce GTX 280M”

I just upgraded to 5.5M1 and rebooted and the problem is still there

I dont know if this is related, but Plugable seems too disable my other monitor attached to the DVI connection on the laptop when it resets to “mirror” also. So I have to reenable it each time it does that too.

After I rebooted, I moved the windows to each monitor, locked the screens, and turned off the monitors. I came back in 5 min, turned on the screens, unlocked the computer. At first, all the screens were in the correct position, then the monitor attached to the Plugable started flickering, then it disabled my other monitor and reset itself to “mirror”. Then, all my windows were pushed back onto my main laptop window. Ugh

Not sure what to do here. Is it to late for a refund if this cant be resolved ?

Hi Dan,

If we can’t get the problem solved, it’s not too late for a refund - we never want customers stuck with product that isn’t working for their configuration.

Note that since they share common drivers, you’ll experience the same problem with nearly all the popular USB graphics adapters (all the DisplayLink based ones at least). So we’d definitely like to figure it out.

Because we haven’t seen these particular symptoms before, it is likely an interaction between the the combo of nVidia drivers, DisplayLink drivers, and Vista. We can be pretty confident you would not see the same problem on Windows 7 on the same system, for example (Win7 has a different way of handling mirror/extend configuration - the OS does more of the work).

But let’s try to get Vista going.

Would you be willing to do two things:

  1. Upgrade the DisplayLink drivers further to the 5.6 beta 1 driver release (same link… but requires registration). Test again to confirm if this helps
  2. Upgrade to the latest nVidia drivers for your chip. Try the “automatically find drivers” link at… and test again after that install. Note that some laptops have graphics device ids that are intended to not support nVidia’s generic drivers - they force you back to the laptop maker. If that’s the case, nVidia’s install will tell you. Let us know, but also try to go back to you laptop maker and see if there’s a newer driver version available.

Thanks for trying these driver upgrades and letting us know how it goes.

Best wishes,