Plugable microscope -- how to make it work on Surface Pro 3 with Windows 8.1

I am trying to use the plugale usb 2.0 Microscope in my Surface Pro 3. I have downloaded the driver but can’t install the software on the CD because I don’t have a CD drive. When I plug the microscope into the usb port the led lights come on but nothing else happens. When I start the built in camera it just works the way it usually does and doesn’t seem to know the microscope is there.

Hey Pricilla,

Thanks for your question!

The microscope can be used with the built in Camera app or our software. In the camera app, you will have to switch your input camera first. To do this, just long press on the camera screen (or right click if using a mouse) and click the change camera button that pops up.

You can also download our software at:


Sam Morgan

OK I downloaded the driver and I also found USB Microcapture (which is on the CD) online and downloaded that. But when I start Microcapture it says “no device detected” even though the microscope is plugged in.

When I right click the regular camera screen it only allows me to switch between the camera on the front and on the back–doesn’t seem to know the microscope is there.

Hey Pricilla,

Thanks for trying that!

If the app isn’t seeing the microscope, then there’s likely something more going on here. I’d like to request some system logs, but we need to get in contact via email so we can exchange that information privately.

If you could you contact me at, we can get this process started.


Sam Morgan