plugable hub on retina mac for 2.0 compatibility?

i am looking for a hub that will allow usb 2.0 dongles to work on a new retina mac with 3.0 usb - what would you recommend?

Hi Susan,

Thanks for posting your question! I’ll be happy to assist. In your case, because you mentioned that you want to connect USB 2.0 dongles to your Mac, it sounds like you don’t have a specific need for a USB 3.0 hub. If you do choose a USB 2.0 hub, you’ll avoid any potential incompatibilities between USB 3.0 hubs and some of the USB 3.0 Mac systems.

To choose the right USB 2.0 hub you’ll want to make sure that the hub supplies enough power per port for the devices that you plan to attach.

Our 7 port hub (… ) has a 3 Amp power supply and so it’s able to provide over 400 mA to every port even when fully populated. This hub is a good choice when you want to connect numerous devices that all require a substantial amount of power.

I hope this helps with your decision, let me know if there’s anything else I can do!

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