Plugable dock locks up mouse.

Why does connecting Plugable USB 3.0 HDD lock up my mouse functions? Cable is connected directly to USB 3.0 on computer. Win 8.1. Drive appears in File Explorer.


Thanks for posting. I’d be happy to help!

Can you let us know exactly which model docking station you are using? We make a few different USB 3.0 docks…

I haven’t encountered behavior like you describe before, nor would I expect connecting the hard drive dock to affect the mouse. Can you let us know some additional details about your system and how you have everything connected? Based on your brief description my first recommendation would be to try plugging both the dock and the mouse into different USB ports on your system to see if the behavior is any different.

Just let know the results of trying different USB ports and the additional information when you have a moment and we’ll go from there.

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Plugable Technologies

Thanks, Bob. I have an email conversation going with Josh Henry, so hopefully he’ll solve my problem.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for getting back and letting us know you also reached out to us directly via and that Josh is assisting you. I’ll close this thread…