Plugable Digital Microscope

What is the maximum working distance and field of view with your digital microscope?

Thanks for asking!

There is no maximum working distance for the microscope, it has an infinite focus. I believe the field of view is close to 90 degrees, though I have never measured it. I can do so if this is critical information!

Sam Morgan
Plugable Technologies

I own a high end dino-lite and didn’t order the one with long working distance. I appreciate the high magnification I get with the dino-lite but I purchased one of your microscopes with hope that I can obtain a field of view (FOV) somewhere near 2x2 inches (51x51mm) so I can take a photo of a whole silver dollar obverse and reverse. At 20x magnification with the dino-lite a person’s FOV is only a little better than an 1 1/8 inch square (approx 32 x 32mm).

By the way…thank you for your reply. My Plugable arrives tomorrow…I hope I don’t end up sending it right back.

Glad I was able to help!

Do get in touch if you’re having troubles, I should be able to give you instructions to get this working however you desire.