Plugable DC-125 Multiseat Thin Client randomly drops keyboard and monitor.

I have ( Plugable DC-125 USB 2.0 Multiseat Thin Client for Windows Multipoint Server 2012 and 2011, Linux Fedora 18 and 17, and Userful Linux (VGA up to 1440x900 / 1280x1024, Audio, 2 USB ports) ). It mostly works fine, but on occasion the keyboard stops working. Also, the monitor will drop out. If I move the docking station or wiggle cables or re-boot it works fine. Please advise on what I can do to solve this random issue.
Thanks, Andy Shamley

Hi Andy,

Thanks for posting your question here about your DC-125, we’ll be able to help. The most common cause docking stations disconnecting is insufficient power. In your case however, because you mentioned that the docking station reconnects if you move it, there’s a good chance that you have a bad cable.

Would it be possible for your to test with a different cable? If so, let us know what you find.

Please send your Amazon order id and the results of your testing if possible to us at and we’ll get you fixed up.