Plugable Communicator SATA HDD Docking Station Not Recognized

I just received and tried to install the Plugable Communicator SATA HDD Docking Station and neither my laptop or desktop recognizes it. It shows up as an Unknown Device. Disk Management doesn’t see the drive I have inserted. The green power light is on but it isn’t working. I have 2 external hard drives that I am checking and neither one is showing up. What should I do. Oh. I also tried to install a firmware update with the cmd prompt but the Plugable doesn’t show up there either. Please help. Thank you.

For anyone interested in this issue, the problem was a defective unit.

We sent out a replacement unit to the customer and the problem was solved.

If you are experiencing the same issues, please contact us at and include your Amazon Order ID, the Serial Number of the device (to be found under the device on a sticker) and your current valid address.