Plugable Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing


Someone may have already asked this question if so I apologize.

Anyway, I was wondering if there is any way to pair the Plugable Bluetooth keyboard with a Raspberry PI 2B using the Plugable Bluetooth Dongle and have the Raspberry PI and the Bluetooth Keyboard remember the pairing if the Raspberry Pi is powered down.

I have connected the devices and the Plugable Bluetooth Keyboard works great with the Raspberry PI.


Hey Michael,

Thanks for asking!

It should be relatively easy to do this (as easy as Linux things get anyway).

From what I understand in your description, you currently have our Bluetooth adapter and the folding keyboard, and have them paired to your Pi, but the keyboard no longer works after you restart the Pi?

Let me know if my assumptions are correct there, and I’ll look into it.


Sam Morgan
Plugable Technologies


I followed a link i found:…

This got the Bluetooth adapter plugged into the PI active, but the keyboard is not active until i hit ctrl-f on the keyboard and accept the pairing from the bt gui on the desktop.



Hi Michael,

I’m the person who usually deals with Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth, back from vacation. I’ll bring in my Pi 2 and do some testing with this tomorrow.

One quick question: Did you do the configuration on the command line that was recommended in that article?

Thank you,

Plugable Support


Hey Michael,

It really sounds like everything here is done correctly. I’m thinking there may be a bug in your version of BlueZ.

Do you have an extra SD card that you can quickly throw a fresh version of Raspbian on? If you can try the keyboard with a fresh Raspbian install, we can eliminate a large amount of potential problems.

You can find the latest version of Raspbian here:…


Sam Morgan
Plugable Technologies