Plugable Bluetooth 4.0 Pairing with S4 Android on Raspberry Pi 2

I have scoured the internet and this forum and can’t seem to find a solution to pair (and keep connected) my samsung 4 android with my raspberry pi via the plugable adapter. I want to stream an app (like Spotify) to my raspberry pi, which is connected to speakers. Below are specs

Raspberry Pi 2
Rasbian Jesse June 2016 release
Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter (blue light come on)
Samsung S4
Sound Card: Hifiberry Dac+, configured and recognized by the Raspberry Pi

Can anyone point me a resource?

Hi Niraj,

Thank you for posting. Unfortunately, Raspbian Jessie does not include the Bluetooth profiles necessary to connect a phone to a Raspberry Pi. It only has support for HID devices like a mouse or keyboard and stereo audio playback devices like speakers and headphones (A2DP profile). The Raspbian developers intentionally limited support to these two.

Although it should be possible to add the necessary software to Raspian and configure it so that it supports file transfers from telephones, I recommend trying Ubuntu Mate for Raspberry Pi instead.

Although I haven’t tested it for phone connections, it has much wider support for Bluetooth profiles and should be much easier to set up for this purpose than Raspbian.

I hope this helps.

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