Plugable 3900 only recognizes one monitor at a time

Hello, after a couple of months of smooth operation, I’ve run into a problem. My laptop connects to the 3900, which has direct HDMI and DVI connections to two monitors (both ASUS VH242s). Suddenly only one will work at a time; when the other is plugged in, neither are recognized in Windows Display (using latest version of Windows), leaving me with no functional monitor. I’ve followed online help topics and have uninstalled, used the registry cleaner and reinstalled- but the problem persists. Can you help?

PS- I read other posts on this topic; ran the debug tool and sent in the ZIP file. My support ticket number is: #324077).

Please confirm receipt and review.

Hi Rick,

As an update, we sent you a reply to your direct email:

Looking through the log contents, I do see one out of your two ASUS VH242H monitors recognized as connected, but it doesn’t appear to be connected to the dock. Can you confirm that both monitors were connected to the dock (even though that would result in both of them not working) at the time of log capture?

If they were not, could you please capture a second set of log files with the two monitors connected to the dock? This detail is important as this information is captured in the logs which helps us understand what could be going wrong.

We’re glad to continue investigating here once you get a chance to reply.

Thank you!


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