Plugable 3.0 ethernet connection not working

The ethernet connection on my plugable 3.0 does not light up when a cable is connected to it. i have double checked the cables, the drivers and the server etc. and all seems fine.
any help appreciated

Hi Gavin,

Thanks for contacting us. I’d like to help.

I am going to make an assumption that you are using one of our USB 3.0 docking stations. I know you said you checked the cables and drivers, but may I ask if you are connecting the Ethernet adapter to an Ethernet hub as opposed to an Ethernet switch? The Ethernet adapter in the docking station does not support half-duplex operation and as such won’t work when connected to a hub.

If that isn’t the cause of your symptom, we have developed a utility called PlugDebug which gathers some information about your system. It is available from this link:

If you could run that program (with the Ethernet adapter and cable connected, even if they aren’t working) and send the .ZIP that the program creates to with ‘Ticket 82714’ in the subject line we can determine the next steps.

Plugable Technologies