Plugable 2.5GbE adapter drops its internet connection randomly

My USB-C 2.5GbE adapter fails to recognize the router connection randomly. The ORANGE light stops blinking and my internet connection is lost at the computer. The computer recognizes the device OK, but no internet connectivity (Self-Assigned IP warning) on my MBP. I’ve eliminated the LAN cable as a possible cause by swapping, plugging and unplugging several times. Then, magically it starts working after fooling around, lights blink again and all is well. Takes about a day to recur.

Thanks for any assistance you may be able to provide. I have three of these and direct substitution of this device by swapping them into the failed connection proves it is THIS device.

What do I notice first? My network switch in front of the Adapter connection light is completely extinguished!

MAC address: 8c:ae:4c:dd:b5:6e
Any suggestions?
How about a replacement?

Hello Henry,

Thank you for your detailed message and I’m sorry to hear about these issues with the USBC-E2500 intermittently disconnecting from your network. Given your troubleshooting with swapping out the current adapter with an identical USBC-E2500 it does appear that this issue looks to be with the device itself.

Can you reach out to us directly via email, please see our support page which I will leave a link to in this email and reference ticket #436780 in your response.

We do warranty our products for two years so we can certainly assist with the replacement process.

Product Owner
Plugable Technologies

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