Plugable 2.0 digital mircoscope

it come up failure to Lauch application because it seen has been ran … I get this every time I try to open my plugable 2.0 digital mircoscope from my pc

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting Plugable support! I am sorry to hear about this issue launching our Digital Viewer software and I would be happy to assist. One of the more common reasons why the application may not be opening is that the application may already be running on the system or may have not closed properly.

To make sure the application not running, I would suggest restarting your computer, this will close any background applications that may not have closed correctly.

In some circumstances we may also need to change some privacy settings to have the software open properly. We have a blog post that should guide you through this process. Can you give that a look and try these steps?

Let me know how it goes!


Product Owner
Plugable Support

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