Plugable 2.0 died, no light, help!!!!

My Plugable USB 2.0 adapter for an extra monitor for my Mac apparently died. Changing USB ports doesn’t work, and the unit does not light up anymore, making my monitor unusable. I’m on Mac OS 10.5.8. I have got to get this working. Any help. Please. Contact me directly at Thank you.

i had the same problem, unit appeared to totally die, but by unplugging the dvi side and usb side, then plugging in usb side first, the green light came back on, and then i plugged in the dvi side and things came right up. thanks!

Hi Mark,

In addition to trying a different USB port, another thing you should try if you’re using DVI is unplug both USB and DVI, then plug in USB, then finally plug in DVI. This is also good, because often a loose cable at some point in the chain of connections can throw things off.

If none of the disconnect/reconnects gets the adapter going again (and the LED lit), and there are no software popups, it may be a hardware problem. Please just email us at if this last suggestion doesn’t don’t do it - include your Amazon order # from email if possible.

Sorry you’re having this problem - we’ll get you going.

Thank you!