plugable 125 and smart cards with windows multipoint server

Dear Sirs,
recently we purchased few Plugable DC 125 devices for using those devices with windows multipoint server 2011. The devices work as expected and we are very happy with the performance. Unfortunately we cannot use smart cards with the devices. When the smart card plugged into device or in the server, nothing happens. We do believe this is due to impossibility to activate the option for remote desktop sharing smart card devices. Do you have any solution for this situation.
Thank you in advance for your support

Hi krasimir,

Thanks for posting, I’ll try to help. Can you say a bit more about the type of smart card you are trying to use? If the DC-125 is setup as a Muli-Point station there wouldn’t be any USB ports available, are you connecting it in place of the mouse or keyboard?

If you are unable to see it when connected directly to the server, it must be related to setting in Windows MultiPoint Server. We don’t have expertise in WMS, sorry about that.

Let me know the details about the smart card you are using and we’ll help however we can.


Thank you for your reply.
The smart cards we use are OMNIKEY CardMan 6121. We put USB HUB in the mouse port and if we put in the hub mouse and usb storage card, it works with no problem, so we decided to try also with the smart card.

If the server is in maintenance mode, the USB smart card dongle is detected and the management software, provided by the vendor works normal. Unfortunately in maintenance mode the zero clients can not connect to the server. When the server is switched on to normal mode and the USB smart card is plugged in nothing happens. If we uninstall the management software and the drivers and try to install them again in normal mode, we receive a message that the smart card service is not working, but the task manager shows it working. We have restarted the service, but nothing changes. In Administrative event logs when the smart card is plugged in, the event actually is detected, but the following error is reported

Error: Microsoft-Windows-Smartcard-Server [610] - Smart Card Reader
‘OMNIKEY CardMan 6121 0’ rejected IOCTL GET_STATE: Access is denied. If this error persists,
your smart card or reader may not be functioning correctly. Command Header: XX XX XX XX

We do believe that the connection from the dc125 to the server is based on rdp protocol and when using this protocol with normal windows ot linux machine it is important to share local resource Smart card in windows. In linux with rdesktop the option scard should be used with the same purpose. Obviously when DC-125 connects to the server, this dialog is skipped and it connects without this option activated.
There is a thread on MS forums, which discusses this topic with no happy end

Also we’ll be happy if you give us an advice how to use the smart cards even on separate computer with minimum additional investments. The truth is that if you put a smart card on a computer and connect to it via rdp, the smart card is not accessible due to security reasons, so this option is also not applicable
So any advice will be appreciated
Thank you again

Hi krasimir,

Unfortunately, I think you are correct in that WMS isn’t allowing the smart card to be enumerated to when in multi user mode. I wish we had more experience with issues like this one, but it’s not something we’ve ran into before so our ability to help is limited.

Your best bet will probably be either Microsoft or OMNIKEY for the smoothing out the intricacies of using your smart cards on WMS.

Sorry I don’t have a better answer.


Thank you again for your reply,
This is not a surprise for me.
Your devices will be used as clients for Fedora multiseat and this is the reason they were purchased. Windows multipoint wlll be run on linux decisions so you don’t have to worry.
Best regards