Plug monitor into docking station question


Just purchased the Docking Station with Video, but can’t plug in my Samsung SychMaster 920NW monitor into it. Worked fine with my prior HP replicator, but the plug from the Samsung will not go into the black adapter you supplied, nor into the Plugable docking station. The monitor plugs into the new Toshibia Satellite A655D 16" laptop I just purchased The video cord is standard from the Samsung, and the fact it worked fine on the 2 yr old HP laptop makes me wonder if there should have been a different adopter that came with the docking station.
What am I missing?


After further trial & error with the plug adopter, I’ve gingerly gotten the black adopter to plug into the back of the docking station. Not easy to plug it into the docking station. Might be good to even label or show pictures of monitor cable going into adapter and then adapter plugs into docking station.



Hi Gerald - Glad you got it working!

Just for the benefit of others - the Samsung SyncMaster 920NW has a single VGA input. So, just like Gerald has done, attach the VGA cable from the monitor to the VGA-DVI converter that’s included with the Plugable Docking Station, and then into the dock itself.

Here’s the diagram for it.


Thanks again for your purchase! Let us know of any other issues.

Best wishes,