Please create sharing switch for Thunderbolt / USB-C docks

Hello Plugable,

I use a MacBook (Thunderbolt 4) and a Windows laptop (USB-C) throughout the day for varied purposes. I have a multi-display desktop set up that I share between them, enabled by a UD-6950PDZ.

Please create a sharing switch so users like me do not need to repeatedly plug in/out the connector cable to the Plugable dock. I read a forum post from December 2022 in which a Plugable rep commented it is technically difficult to design and build one for Thunderbolt / USB-C, but I’m sure there are many other users in the same situation as I am.


Hi @koeech,

Thanks for posting!

You’re totally right that we’ve gotten similiar desires from other customers as well. The biggest obstacle is doing this in a way that doesn’t compromise on quality and stability, yet will still be at a price that our customers will consider.

To illustrate this, you might have noticed that there are USB-C switches that do exist on Amazon right now, but they’re either not recommended for docks or are plagued with flickering/stability issues.

On the other hand, the switches that could work for docking station purposes are meant for developers only and way too expensive for the typical consumer (we’re talking more than the price of a Thunderbolt docking station).

Finding the right balance here is key. Sorry I don’t have better news to share yet.


Hi Mitchell, thanks for the quick reply and for the explanation.

I understand, potential unit cost and consequent price might not jive with the size of the potential market - especially if considering only personal use. However, you might want to consider the possibility that cimpanies might buy them for work from home workers who need to toggle between work and personal machines.

I’ll keep checking in periodically - but won’t keep my hopes up too much :grimacing:

Take care,

Thanks for your understanding! That’s a fair point to consider with the B2B aspect.

We’ll update this blog post if/when we launch a product like this – feel free to refer to it if you’d like:



Thanks Mitchell!

I’ll bookmark the blog and check it periodically.

Thanks again for the prompt replies.

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