Periodic flicker with Win10 (xps9550 and dual DVI adapter)

I’m using an xps9550 laptop with the plugable dual-DVI thunderbolt 3 adapter. It connects fine, but the entire laptop/monitor setup will periodically flicker for no reason. It’s as if it disconnects/reconnects despite no physical change in the connection. I know it isn’t a loose cable because the flicker will occur when I am 10 feet from my desk and haven’t touched a thing for 30 minutes. Everything goes black, then only the laptop screen will display. Then it goes black again and all monitors are back to displaying. The entire process takes 4-5 seconds, which is quite disrupting and annoying.

I have the latest firmware for the Thunderbolt Software. Is this a common problem and is there a known fix? I was under the understanding that this adapter worked flawlessly with the xps9550

The model number of the plugable adapter is tbt3-dp2x

Anyone? How do I get in touch with support?


Thanks for posting! I can see you have also reached out to us directly at, and I have already sent my direct reply with the next steps. Please only respond to my direct reply so we can keep all communication in the same place.

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