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The Nix is viewable in OBS but when i plug in my Xbox it only shows the video feed very briefly then proceeds to flash colored horizontal bars going all the way across the screen. Please help!


Hi Jake,

Thank you so much for reaching out to us, I am sorry to hear that you are running into this issue, but I would be more than happy to assist!

Just to make sure I have all of the right information, when the capture card is connected to your system, are you utilizing the rear ports on a desktop pc, the front ports, or a hub connected to a laptop, or directly to a laptop?

Does the image on the display connected to the “out” port on the capture card experience the same issue, or does it perform as it should?

Thank you for your patience,
Product Owner & Technical Support


i am plugged directly into a laptop using the usb. its an acer laptop. the picture on the monitor that is the “out” port works perfectly.


Hi There,

Thank you so much for letting me know! We may need to take a look at the log files associated with your system, just to ensure that the problem is not related to your systems USB 3.0 controller, or any other software causing the issue. When you have a moment, could you please visit, and follow the instructions for downloading and running our PlugDebug support tool. Once completed, please attach the .zip file to a direct email, and send it to Please include “Ticket no. 263147” in the subject line, so that we can ensure that all of your information is properly kept together.

Thank you for your patience,
Product Owner & Technical Support


i have sent the email.

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